Hello Visitors!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Well - I got an interesting surprise today. Apparently, people are actually popping in to check this Blog out! Wow! Who knew?

When I first started this Blog back in August, I expected a bunch of visitors as a response to the sessions I facilitated for the online conference When Words Collide, as I had posted links to my speaking notes as well as some handouts. And I did get lots of visitors, for that purpose. Over a 100 in August, less in September (but still lots!). October the number of visitors dropped again, and so far for November we've had around 22 people dropping by.

And I can't help but think - these are folks who are just popping by to see what, if anything, new stuff I have added since their last visit. And that fact has really blown my mind!!! That there are people out there actually interested in checking out what's new on this Blog, and what new thing has been posted - Wow!!!

So part of me is definitely doing a double take - what the??? Really???? And I kind of feel bad that so far, other than the stuff from the conference, it's mostly been a once a month stream of consciousness ramble ... So maybe people are actually digging that (you're welcome :) ), but more likely visitors are looking for content that is more relevant. This is, afterall, supposed to be the Blog Site of a writer, with content related to writing, both of my own stuff as well as things to help other writers hone their craft.

Ok then! Starting today I will be taking the existence of this Blog Site a bit more seriously, with more frequent postings (going to shoot for once a week, instead of once a month) and more relevant items that I will share with you. These will include writing snippets of my writing, postings about writing itself, with tips and tricks and some actual content you can sink your teeth into! As for Dribs & Drabs - I will try to break it down into categories and follow a bit of a more coherent process when putting stuff in here.

So later today, once my tech guy gets home and can assist me in the process, I will be posting a link to the session notes for something else that I did at When Words Collide, probably from 2019. And later this week (Friday?) I will also post a snippet from my novel currently in editing called Best Laid Plots - Book the First!

If you've visited here and so far have been enjoying my ramblings, please feel free to drop me an email saying so! If you think I'm totally whacked ... well, I'm not quite up to that yet, so hold your criticisms until I can get my self-esteem feet under me!

But Thanks for visiting! Hope to be offering you some more interesting stuff in the future :)