Time Waits for No One ...

Sunday, September 11, 2022

Oh Boy :(

We can have nothing but the best intentions, and still fall short.

To be honest, I didn't really get my plan firmly in place. And oh yes, there are "reasons". And excuses. Shall I talk about how August and September are the busiest time of year for the little store that is my day job? Or that in between, well pretty much everything, I've been organizing and preparing for a dnd campaign? Or planning for another guiding season? Or that we've also been dealing with covid in the house?

These things are all very true. But valid reasons and excuses don't put words on the page.

So I'm back at square one with following my own advice. Put the butt in the chair. And the words in the computer. At least five days a wee, in a minimum of 30 minute increments.

And that's still the plan.

Plus dealing with all that other stuff. Plus getting the sessions I did this year (and last year) loaded onto the website. In case there's anyone actually popping in to visit.

On the plus side, I've read three new books, and now that it's streaming, finally seen Love & Thunder. The books are because of being sick, but we always spend most evening watching tv or movies anyway. So that's nothing new. But I did enjoy L&T, even if it was a bit too campy in parts. Among other issues. I do feel bad that it's been so long since I've read anything for pleasure, outside of the weekly snippets that Ilona Andrews does as they do the rough draft of the latest Innkeeper. And I miss it. So that's something else that really needs to be scheduled. I should be reading instead of facebooking, although I do enjoy that as well, to some extent.

But it's all about priorities. And I need to be firm about mine!

So until next time!


On Doing Better

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

So - two entries in one week is pretty good for me! I was hoping to follow the first one with this entry a bit sooner, but it is what it is! SO let's dive in, shall we?

On Doing Better, specifically post WWC 2022, as well as going forward. One of the sessions I presented was on Being Organized, and another was on Time Management. And riding the high that came with the end of WWC, I realized I needed to Do Better at both those things. Actually - I have known that for a long time, but that wondrous high feeling is a much more positive way of feeling than the doldrums I've been stuck in for several months!

Let's look at where I need to Do Better. I talked about the following things as areas that a Writer needs to be organized about: Setting a Writing Schedule, Prioritizing and Tracking. I already have a couple of great spots where I do my writing, and it's not usually Writer's Block that holds things up for me. I figure I need to focus on Scheduling and Prioritizing, specifically.

So. Scheduling. I have come up with lots of schedules over the years, but I can talk about blocking off some time each day until I'm blue in the face, but for me it all comes to one thing initially. Discipline. I just need to sit my butt in the chair, and get on with it. Which is Perseverance. But I have to get past the Discipline part first. One tip that was mentioned in my session was to start small - baby steps. Try to manage just 30 minutes in a day. So I'm going to start there - 30 minutes in the mornings before I go to work at noon. If I can manage more, that's awesome! But all that I'll require of myself is those 30 minutes. Starting tomorrow - unless I can count writing this entry as my 30 minutes? No? Oh well :(

To jump right into that 30 minutes/day, I will need a project to work on. Which is where the Prioritizing component comes in. I have LOTS of WIP at the moment. I always do. So I need to figure out which one I'm going to focus on. Now, my session didn't go into details on HOW to Prioritize your WIPs, but I'll try to break it down here. For my benefit as much as anything else! First step - list it all. Then decide which one to go with, based on logic, practicality and How Much I Want To.

There's Best Laid Plots - Book the 2nd - the follow-up to Book the 1st which has gone through editing, and now is waiting to get looked at by Beta Readers. I do need to push to get that part happening, but that's a task that'll happen outside of my 30 minutes. This series is not quite like my usual writing, in that it's a borderline parody. Definitely trying to be humorous.

A Winter's Tale (I know - it needs a new title) - I had thought this one was "finished" as well, but I've always been unhappy with the ending. It's a fairly simple tale of a female fighter, who needs to get her friend and her family to safety when trolls are threatening the local area. During the winter. She gets them to a safe refuge, but then embarks on another search and rescue mission, and then another. Yes, she's a bit of a Mary Sue, but at this point in her adventures has been doing this kind of thing a very long time, and damn it, she SHOULD be good at it! She has a few flaws - of course - but they're more for flavour than anything else. The ending is quite weak, I think, with everything "neatly" wrapped up, and the character heading off to her next unspecified adventure. Which feels - unsatisfying to me. I've recently come up with a way to perhaps fix that ... adding a bit where she meets with one or two of the supporting characters (who are at odds with each other), to discuss the unresolved issues from the story, namely the trolls themselves. Questions that needed to be addressed really weren't, and this addition could do that. While paving the way to a sequel, featuring those two at odds characters, as they followed up and dug deeper into the issue.

The Journey Begins - this one is about half to two thirds done already, and features the MC from A Winter's Tale, but at the beginning of her adventures. She's still pretty accomplished in many ways, but still has alot to learn about stuff not directly related to what she's learned growing up. It also makes sense that perhaps this should be the first in her adventures that I should focus on towards publishing, rather than later as a prequel. Readers can be quite fussy about stuff like that. This prequel of hers should spread over three books, although book two and three are only very loosely thought out at this stage.

UnderCity Blues - this is the first in a police-type procedural set in a society set apart from the High Elvish society it serves. This one is a bit more planned, although not thoroughly plotted or outlined yet. And it's not really started yet, still mostly notes. My feel on this one is that it isn't quite done simmering on the stove yet. But it's a cool idea, and there's been lots of noodling on various aspects of this one in my downtime.

Sigh. There are at least three more I could list here, but I don't think that's going to be helpful. I think the logical choice is The Journey Begins. First draft is quite far along, and I've got good plans for the sequels. The Tracking part I've already got in place, more or less. I just need to start producing stuff to be Tracked!

So now I need to just get started on the new plan. Starting tomorrow, becuase as I finish this I realize I'm going to be late for work! Good thing I'm the boss!

Till Later!


The Day After Awesome ...

Monday, August 15, 2022

Oh Wow!!! First off - I can't believe how LONG it's been since I last did one of these little blog entries. I mean, I know I've been in a bit of a literary funk ... but six months??? Yikes! I promise, I'll do better!

Which brings me to my next point, Doing Better, Writing wise! And the Why, of course, is that When Words Collide 2022 just concluded yesterday - and all I can say is - WOW! I want to chat about that first, then I'll get to the Doing Better part!

For the third year the conference was virtual, which meant many things. Mostly, that it didn't include the long drive to and from Calgary. And a rather expensive hotel bill. It also included a few new things - first off, the organizers allowed professional and past partners to set up and be responsible for their own tracks of programming. Mostly publishers, big and small. And as such, they considered Prairie Owl Publishing - our own tiny little imprint - as a past partner! (So cool!!!)

Since the first virtual year, I have mantained a zoom licence, and kept it because it was handy for a few different things through out the year (mostly having to do with my volunteer Guiding life, but also as a way to connect with non-local family), so setting up the zoom links was old hat. Being told that we can fill a full track with however many sessions we wanted, well, let me say - Challenge Accepted!

The "Prairie Owl Publishing" track had scheduled - out of a possible 29 tracks - 13 sessions! Please keep in mind, that POP has a grand total of TWO individuals associated with it - myself and founder Amanda Witow. Of those 13 tracks we'd scheduled, we were directly involved with 12 sessions, one of which was a panel, which I moderated and Amanda was a panelist. When the idea of that panel (On Being an Indie Author) came to me, I reached out to S.C. Jensen - author of the Bubbles in Space series - and asked if she'd be interested in being on the panel, and maybe doing a session on her own. She was quite happy to say yes to both - and our 13th session was Sarah's How to Increase Your Speed and Productivity. To round out our panel, Amanda reached out to D.N. Brynn, the author of more than a few awesome novels (Odder Still and Once Stolen, just to name a couple!). And I must say, it was a lot of fun! So glad we did it!

There were, of course, some more negative challenges to overcome this year, most notably the presence of Zoom Bombers at most sessions :( What's a Zoom Bomber you ask? These were invidivuals just getting their kicks out of signing into a session with the sole purpose of being a nuisance, by interrupting with noise of all sorts. To be distracting. Like - really? Are you guys 12????? No - that's doing a disservice to 12 year olds!!! As a result, sessions right across the board instituted a few zoom rules to curb these guys - most notably Muting participants as they entered, and using Moderators who did some quiet gatekeeping of sessions, removing offenders.

My first session I had a volunteer from the group of legit participants step up to gatekeep - which was awesome! Thanks Val!!! After that, I tapped my hubby to be our Moderator, and he went a step further in that he removed the ability to Unmute themselves for all participants, as well as the ability to use the Whiteboard. One thing he didn't do was to remove the ability for participants to Rename themselves. But other sessions, who hadn't also instituted the universal Mute everybody and keep them that way rule, got hit by bombers who'd rename themselves to match another legitimate particant. That way, once they got noisy and rowdy and the moderator removed them from the session, the legit person got kicked out as well! We didn't have that issue as since they couldn't unmute themselves, there was no way they could be disruptive, so they just left on their own. Or stayed and enjoyed the session. Anything is possible, right?

Once the bombers were kept under control things got back on track and went quite well for us! Well ... that is, until covid reared its ugly head! Yes, even at a virtual conference covid was able to impact things when it got its hooks into poor Amanda :( I did what I could in taking on two of her remaining four sessions, but we did have to cancel the other two :( I won't go into all the unhappy emotions associated with being a mommy who can't really do anything to help her child ....... But I will say, that part really sucked :(

But other than that, the conference went really well! Which brings me to the Doing Better part!

Actually - no it doesn't! At least not right now. I think that will have to be rolled over into the next blog entry, where that will be the main focus!

And that's a Promise! So - stay tuned! Anyone want to run a side bet on how long it will take for me to write and post the next one???? Anyone? No????

Lol! Okay, my dear meeples ... my sweet cherubs .... my... friends. Yeah - that one works better!

Until later Friends! But not too much later .... maybe even tomorrow!


And So It Goes ...

Tuesday, March 01, 2022

OK. So it's been awhile - almost two full months. Sorry about that. You should have said something.

Anyway - I'm back. And feeling ... bleh. Full blown Meh. Not sure why. Tummy issues certainly contribute. As does a pervading feeling of weariness. Not exhaustion - that would really suck. Just tired, most of the time. Which, as you know, is a major factor in why my productivity sucks.

The other day I inquired of the fb SF&F Writers Group about whether anyone else feels anxiety over the current binge mentality of readers. And got some interesting responses. The crux of which is that, particularly with a first book, that if it's part of a series, you really need the rest of it published - or at least written - to get any traction.

Which also got me realizing how LONG BLP has been in production, writing wise. 41 years. Seriously. I was around 18 when I started it, and now I'm 59. Sure - alot has been going on in these 40+ years - went to Clarion, got married, had 3 kids, worked at a variety of different jobs, even went to Uni for a few years. And in the meantime, story ideas kept popping in to say Hi, and asking for some Me time. And BLP kept being pushed to the back burner. I'd trot it out every now and then to work on it some more. There was the great transition to Word, which started around then chapter 6. I even submitted a chapter for perusual to the local Writers Guild for some promotion or contest they were doing. When I started getting serious again with it, I paid my youngest to transcribe the hand-typed early chapters into Word, so I could amalgamate them with what was already there. She even gave me some story advice about it, noting that it felt very dated. I found a cover artist who has done an awesome job of interpreting my 40 year old vision for the cover. And I've sent it to a professional editor, who has completed her task of line editing. In the meantime, I've also worked on LOTS of those other stories, including finishing one and starting a prequel to that, which is about a third of the way in.

But it has occured to me that if I don't get off my keister and WORK on it, I'll never get to working on Book 2 and 3 of BLP. And that just won't do. I really want it published, and sold. That professional editor was expensive (and I'm not sure yet if she was worth it. Lovely person, but fantasy really wasn't her thing, and I think she was thrown off her game by things she just didn't click with).

Which brings us to today. Still slept most of the morning away. And now need to head in to work, as I have, well, work to do there. But I have a tenuous desire to GET THINGS DONE. Writing wise. Which means committing to a schedule of writing in the mornings. I really don't have another 40 years to work on this. Probably not even 20. Talk about pressure.

It needs to be done. And definitely sooner, rather than later. So, I'll finish going through the editor's suggestions, and get things moving forwards. And start working on Book the Second.

But, well, uggg.

And that's all for now.

And the New Year begins!

Monday, January 03, 2022

Happy New Year, to whomever might be reading this :)

Things on my plate for this January:

Finish prepping Best Laid Plots - Book the First to be sent to my editor

Work on my first Roll20 campaign, and first campaign in about 20 years.

Prep two trainings I will be doing towards the end of the month - not writing related (although one of them is Time Management, which I have done at When Words Collide. But these ones are for a Guiding Conference.

Speaking of my Guiding life - need to prep for our first Unit meeting of the year, which will be Monday the 10th. I also need to order our Spring cookies, and do a bank deposit for the Unit

Before Christmas, I sent out A Winters Tale and Best Laid Plots - Book the First to some people for Beta reading. My sister got the first story, and a friend got both. My sister's reaction was - varied. She liked some aspects, didn't like others, and didn't "get" the overall idea of a sword and sorcery story. Not surprising as Fantasy is not something she routinely seeks out. To her, Fantasy is all about fairies and myths, and is probably set on our Earth in the past, present or future. She is familiar with Xena - and thought my heroine should be more like her (which is weird, because she is a lot like Xena), but kept looking for celtic or gaelic references to orient by, which definitely aren't part of the story at all.

My friend, who got both stories, didn't really care much for BLP-B-1st - took her a few days to get through it. Liked some of the things, chuckled here and there, but overall it wasn't really her cup of tea. But WT - she absolutely loved it! Whipped through it in four hours (a habit she has if she likes a book). And has been gently nagging me for a sequel ever since :) And while the ending kind of hinted at a sequel, I don't actually have one worked out for this one yet. Prequels, yes. A trilogy, as well as a prequel to that. I'm about 1/3 of the way through book one of the prequel trilogy, and unfortunately futher progress has been sluggish. But I've finally named the horse, which I think I've mentioned in a previous post. The rest of the book has been loosely plotted, and the rest of the trilogy really loosely planned.

Now BLP-B-1st definitely has a sequel - 2 in fact, which have also been loosely plotted. So far though it's just notes jotted down and transferred into the Word file I have for most of the stories I'm working on. Haven't yet set up a Binder for it, although the section cover sheets are printed off and ready to go.


I haven't actually written ANYTHING since well before Christmas. Sure, I did lots of baking. If you call 9 types of cookies lots. And made cabbage rolls. And did the rest of the usual Christmas stuff - shopping, wrapping, decorating, etc.

But no writing. And I am having a hard time getting back to it. Discipline has never been one of my strong suits (can you see the irony in me training Time Management???), but the hope remains that at some point I'll actually be able to follow the schedules and daily plans and actually be productive, but that day has yet to happen. But soon. Or eventually. Sometime!

And that's all I have to say for this installment! If I am able to start posting here on a regular basis, then that will likely mean I have started following my schedules and daily plans ... and that's all the New Year's Resolution I need!

Until next time!


Time Flies, is Fleeting and Often Squandered

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

It has been months - Months! - since I last did a Blog Post. And what have I been doing since Sept 16th you ask? Oh, this and that. As you may know, I have two novels that are past the hurdle of First Draft doneness. Both have been sent off to my main Beta Readers - my family, although only my husband read both. My daughters only read the one. That was two years ago. Both of stories have also have had their first editing passdone with ProWriting Aid, completed this year. Not too sure if the program is worth it or not - there are definitely some technical issues that make it a bit annoying to use (in my opinion).

The exciting news is that the first one - Best Laid Plots - Book the First - has had some sample chapters sent off to a professional editor for evaluation. A pricey service to be sure, but hopefully will result in a tighter, cleaner story. I've read her preliminary assessment - which was quite positive (naturally!), and will be diving into the more indepth analysis she did tomorrow. To assess her skills and to determine if I will send her the full MS for editing.

I also have approved the concept sketch for the cover - which was hugely exciting! Not quite what I was envisioning, but better I think. Can't wait to see the finished design!

Now, I need to get more Beta reads of the second book - A Winter's Tale. Husband said it was fine - though he much preferred BLP-Bkthe2nd. They are very different books, with WT more what I usually write.

Sorry to those who've dropped by to see if I've posted any of my When Words Collide 2021 sessions - I will try to get that done soon. I have no idea if anyone ever actually DOES drop by here for any reason ... no one has ever left a message or done anything to indicate they are something more substantial than a mere bot randomly combing the internet for who knows what ...

My current "new" writing project is limping along. I'm about 28,000 words in, and have done a bit of plotting for the next 40,000 words. No, I'm not doing NanoWrimo. With my sporadic writing schedule that would be insane of me to try. But I finally named the horse, so that's progress, of sorts.

All in all, it does feel like I'm just spinning my wheels, getting nowhere slowly. Which is nuts, because other things have been happening in my life, as it tends to do! I spent ten days visiting one of my daughters on the other side of the country. I participated in several Guiding Trainings, as well as When Words Collide. I've been editing two books and thinking about several others. Even read severl novesl - including Project Hail Mary (which was excellent). Got through our busy season at work, and now am "enjoying" a bit of a quiet period (which is supposed to be when I get more writing done). I got to visit with my half-sister, whom I've only met in person once before. I got another furgrandbaby - a dog this time. Spent a week in the mountains with my hubby and have started planning a brand new dnd campaign - which is kind of a big deal, because I haven't dm'd for a very long time! And today hubby and I cleaned out the freezer in the garage. A task that has been long overdue! And sadly, with much food needing to be disposed of. Uggg. But at least it's done. And although am supposed to enjoying a Staycation, got called in to work. Where I've had two customers. And spent some time writing, and of course, doing a Blog Post.

Until next time, whenever that might be ....

Wahoo! First Editing Pass done!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

I'm proud to report that the first full length editing pass on Best Laid Plots - Book the First is done! Now it's going for a Beta read before being sent to a professional editor for a final pass before publication!

So what do I do? I open up A Winter's Tale to get started on it's first round of big edits! Hopefully, this won't take TWO years to complete!!!!!

Other news: still have to load my speaker notes for the sessions I did at When Words Collide 2021 to the website. And send my rough sketch of the cover I am envisioning for BLP-Bkthe1st to the cover artist ... she is of the opionion it's going to be too crowded to be an effective cover, but she asked for the sketch to get a better idea of what I was wanting. And then send her some money so she'll do some more work on it! She's already done her own rough sketches (wait till you see how she wraps what's on the front cover onto the back!)

And I guess that's about all for now! With my day job moving out of its busy period I expect I'll be able to spend more time writing ... theoretically!

Later, Folks!

More Ramblings

Friday, July 02, 2021

Another Friday is upon us. And a heat wave. Not as bad as some parts of the country, but enough to make a person pleased with air conditioning. My dog doesn't know how good he has it.

And what has that got to do with writing? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Not even context for what I'm going to ramble about next. I don't think that blogs are required to be witty, pithy or even something greater than random musings. So there. Let's all embrace randomness.

Ok then. Writing. What have I been working on this past week? Nothing writing related, I can tell you that. Other than some minor brain twiddlings with a new idea or two. Didn't even bother to write them down these twiddlings were so insignificant. I did visit my favourite e-book store and did some shopping (Kobo, if you must know). Got 16 new books :) Would have bought more, but for some reason the Kobo site was glitchy and kept giving me an error whenever I tried to look at a book (maybe it somehow knew how much money I had available for a book buying spree). So I bought almost exclusively from the "Selected For You" banner. A pretty good haul, under those circumstances. I've already read two of them - Beyond by Mercedes Lackey, and Nobody's Ghoul by Devon Monk. Loved them both - no surprise there! What was a surprise - and a thoroughly delightful one at that - occured in Chapter 14 of Beyond.

Now this book is the start of a new series in Lackey's Valdemar books. The ultimate prequel, it tells the tale of how the country of Valdemar came to be. Previous books have hinted (or outright talked about) how the country was founded when the people had to escape an evil empire, and did so via a magic portal. The part of how the Heralds and their Companions came to be haven't happened yet, and don't within this first book - she had to leave SOMETHING for the books to come!

But there is a scene, where one of the POV characters is watching as one of the first groups of people are coming through the portal to establish a foothold base for when the mass exodus happens. And this POV character sees a man walking through, wearing a floppy, wide brimmed hat and carrying several fishing poles on his shoulder. When he sees her he says "Nice day for fishing, ain't it? Eyuuk!" (that's a weird laught that is described rather than written out). This fisherman is then followed by a blacksmith and then a farmer type who looks to be carrying a strand of garlic bulks from his belt.

So - do you all know why I squeeled in delight at this very simple, throwaway scene? These three men have nothing to do with the story (although the fisherman got a bit more of a part in the next bit). BUT!!!!

Viva La Dirt League!!!!! These three are main characters in the Dirt League's Epic NPC Man videos! What a delightful shout out!!! Who knew that Misty was a fan? In the original videos the fisherman doesn't talk - other than that one line. Which means technically the fisherman in Beyond isn't actually the character from NPC Man, but it was still pretty cool. Feel free to check out Epic NPC Man, by Viva La Dirt League. It's about an NPC in a video game who is somewhat self aware, even while constricted by the game's programming.

So while I personally did nothing to further my own writing this week (other than buying those books), I was absolutely tickled to discover that wee little gem embedded in Beyond! Made my week :)

Got any favourite easter eggs like that in a book you've read? Send me an email and tell me all about it!

Until later, my Lovely Meeples!

Recap of ... Everything?

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Unfortunately, as mentioned previously, my previous Blog entries are gone for good. So I thought I should do a Recap on what came Before.

I started this Blog and Website last year (Summer 2020) as a place to showcase myself as a Writer, and as a Session Presenter at When Words Collide, Festival for Readers and Writers. Participants at my sessions have often asked me to send them my session notes, which I am/was willing to do, but in reality rarely did. Sorry guys. But here on the Website I can post them for anyone to see and download, and hopefully make use of. Or fun of. Whichever. Last year's sesison notes have been posted, as well as some accompanying reference material. Also a session I did a couple of years ago. And a short story written a few years back.

My Bio would describe me as someone just about out of middle age, who has been writing since I was a teenager. I attended the Clarion Workshop when it was still hosted in Michigan (1984), and I was technically still a teenager. I barely got in, but it was an amazing experience. For the next five or six years I tried to concentrate on writing Short Stories, as suggested by the Clarion experience, even though I prefered novels to read and write. But I diligently sent them out to various publications for consideration. And while I sold none of them, I did get a few "favourable/positive" rejection letters. ie: personal comments, criticisms, etc were included. Which doesn't happen too often, and served as a bit of hope for me to keep on trying.

Once my Hubby and I started our family (the two legged variety, not the four legged and furry ones who came first), my writing output slowed down somewhat. I was still writing, just not as much. Short stories weren't actually something I was particularly fond of, so I spent more time working on longer works. Novels and whatnot. But I stopped sending submissions out, mainly because nothing was ever finished during that time. LOTS and LOTS of ideas, and stories started, and notes taken. But nothing actually finished. Chasing after toddlers, etc, seemed to take up the majority of my time.

But toddlers get older, and go to school, and although now we were contending with Dance Classes and Girl Guides, I had a wee bit more time to put into my writing. And my output increased. But was still sporadic, and all over the map, so to speak, in regards to what I would work on from one day to the next. But I kept developing more story ideas, plots and characters. And filled many, many file folders with all these early efforts. Some of my stories became tales I told my kids, mostly to fill the time to and from dance classes. And as they got older, they would pester me into actually finishing writing them. But I never did. Not then, at least.

At some point I got my first computer. And then my second. And then the first of many laptops. And all the subsequent notes and folders became digital. One story in particular - one of my very first ones to be exact - existed for a time as both typed and digital. Once I had decided that I rather liked using a computer, I took that story - entitled "Best Laid Plots" (yes, I'm serious) and continued on with it on the computer. Picking up where the hand typed part ended, I just kept writing it into the computer.

More years passed. More stories started, some that had some legs under them, and had the potential to actually being completed some day. I would revisit these stories whenever the mood struck me, and I'd add some more pages, and then move on to another one. And then one day while I was working on good ol' Best Laid Plots - I realized something almost life changing for me. A story, that I had originally conceived when I was 18 years old, that was a particular favourite with my kids as I drove them to and from dance classes, was not in fact a very long book. It was really two books. And the first one was finished! I was pretty gobsmacked when I realized this! Yes - there was still more adventure to be had with these characters and with that story, but it was at a logical point to say The End (for Now). At just over 70,000 words.

So it became Best Laid Plots, Book the First. And I paid one of my kids to transcribe the first part into the computer. Then, after circulating it among my immediate family for feedback, began the process of editing it.

Which is a process that is taking way longer than I had ever suspected it would. Although, with my track record of procrastination and allowing other life events to take up my time, it really shouldn't have been a surprise. It's now been about two years since I began the editing process, and I'm about half-way through. A lot has been re-writing, and adding more material. My children - while they loved it - pointed out that something I started writing almost 40 years ago needed a bit of, shall we say, updating? It was woefully lacking in diversity, and the main character gave off a bit of a creeper vibe at times (actually, that's intentional), and certain aspects needed clarification. So, I've been adding and expanding the story with new material. Fixing grammar mistakes. That kind of thing. Will it be ready for publication soon? Not bloody likely. At this point, I'm hoping it'll be published in time for next year's When Words Collide. And as that one will once again return to an in person format (fingers crossed!), I'll be able to stake out a table during the Saturday night autograph/book buying frenzy. And stare longlingly at all the passerbys, hoping that they'll stop to chat!

Hope to see you there :)

And that's quite enough for now! More next week :) Because a Writer's Journey never ends, and it's pretty hard to shut me up!!!

Later, Lovely Meeples!

Life is Ephemeral

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Hello again, anyone who is bothering to read these :)

So my wonderful Tech Support (aka "Hubby") has determined that my previous Blog entries - other than my very first one from August 2020 (which got Saved for some reason) - are gone. For good. We are not sure what happened, but he suspects that one of the rebuilds he did of his computer and/or our server is probably to blame. So they are gone. If you hadn't seen them when they were originally posted, I assure you they were incredibly witty, and a true joy to read.

Sure they were - trust me!

Topics for them varied, and in fact I can't really remember exactly what I chatted about ... something about my middle daughter in November ... Holiday greetings in December ... New Year's writing resolutions in January ... that kind of thing.

So - I'm starting from scratch, more or less!

Hello to you, wonderful visitors! I get lots of bots dropping by from month to month, but I'd love to know if anyone visits who is a real person :) Drop me a quick email to say Hi! Let me know what you think of The Bounty Hunter, or any of the other things posted on the Home page :)

I hope to try for a once a week Blog entry - just to get in the habit, you understand! Towards the day when my writing is published and actually has folks who enjoy it and want to know what makes me tick!

Next entry I will talk about the specific projects I am currently working on, and a bit about the upcoming When Words Collide Festival for Readers and Writers!

Until then - Later my Sweeties! (Is that really better than "Meeples"???)