Life is Ephemeral

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Hello again, anyone who is bothering to read these :)

So my wonderful Tech Support (aka "Hubby") has determined that my previous Blog entries - other than my very first one from August 2020 (which got Saved for some reason) - are gone. For good. We are not sure what happened, but he suspects that one of the rebuilds he did of his computer and/or our server is probably to blame. So they are gone. If you hadn't seen them when they were originally posted, I assure you they were incredibly witty, and a true joy to read.

Sure they were - trust me!

Topics for them varied, and in fact I can't really remember exactly what I chatted about ... something about my middle daughter in November ... Holiday greetings in December ... New Year's writing resolutions in January ... that kind of thing.

So - I'm starting from scratch, more or less!

Hello to you, wonderful visitors! I get lots of bots dropping by from month to month, but I'd love to know if anyone visits who is a real person :) Drop me a quick email to say Hi! Let me know what you think of The Bounty Hunter, or any of the other things posted on the Home page :)

I hope to try for a once a week Blog entry - just to get in the habit, you understand! Towards the day when my writing is published and actually has folks who enjoy it and want to know what makes me tick!

Next entry I will talk about the specific projects I am currently working on, and a bit about the upcoming When Words Collide Festival for Readers and Writers!

Until then - Later my Sweeties! (Is that really better than "Meeples"???)