Wahoo! First Editing Pass done!

Thursday, September 16, 2021

I'm proud to report that the first full length editing pass on Best Laid Plots - Book the First is done! Now it's going for a Beta read before being sent to a professional editor for a final pass before publication!

So what do I do? I open up A Winter's Tale to get started on it's first round of big edits! Hopefully, this won't take TWO years to complete!!!!!

Other news: still have to load my speaker notes for the sessions I did at When Words Collide 2021 to the website. And send my rough sketch of the cover I am envisioning for BLP-Bkthe1st to the cover artist ... she is of the opionion it's going to be too crowded to be an effective cover, but she asked for the sketch to get a better idea of what I was wanting. And then send her some money so she'll do some more work on it! She's already done her own rough sketches (wait till you see how she wraps what's on the front cover onto the back!)

And I guess that's about all for now! With my day job moving out of its busy period I expect I'll be able to spend more time writing ... theoretically!

Later, Folks!